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Alganic star ornament with fairy lights

For more than a decade, products from Blue Butterfly Design have been available to commercial customers such as Shopping Centres and City Halls only. As a result of a growing demand, the Alganic platform now makes a part of the Blue Butterfly Design program accessible to small and medium customers or even for a demanding private usage.

If you buy decorations at Alganic.eu, it means to buy high profile decoration elements that have been produced in the most sustainable way and by respecting everyone involved in this process. Sustainable Christmas is a new way to go.

This items are not meant to be thrown away after a couple of usages, but will serve you for years. You will get a 10 years warranty on Aluminium parts!

We are using a revolutionary production technology to achieve an exceptional product effect. We dress all the shapes of Christmas with aluminium wire in the desired colour. Gold shades win, reds are perfect and white or blue will meet your expectations as well. The luminous product increases its value especially by this volume effect, and even in rest it has beautiful silhouettes. Reminiscent of lacquered rattan, bamboo and wood. It looks royal and luxurious. It is a friend of the environment, does not disturb, does not stain, does not need any extra maintenance. After years of use, just change the colour shade and you have a completely new effect.

ALGANIC products are eternal and will quickly adapt their design to your needs.

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Christmas spirits born
Christmas balls broken
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Reindeer hurt
Decorated Christmas Trees